Types of American Brandy by E&J

Type of Brandy

Flavor runs deep in this fam

From our flagship VS to our newest member, Apple, we craft each of our American brandies for exceptional smoothness and a flavor that's as good for sipping straight as it is for mixing in your favorite cocktail. Check out all our brandy types and find out for yourself why E&J is one of the best brandy makers around.

Family VS

The one that started it all

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Elevated levels of smooth - VSOP
Family VSOP

Elevated levels of smooth

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Vanilla E&J Brandy

Tastes Fresh, Sweet, Smooth #Vanillavibes

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Family APPLE

Sweet And Crisp #grabapple

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Our freshest flavor #GRABAPPLE - APPLE
Tastes fresh. Ripe. Juicy. #REACHFORPEACE - PEACH
Family PEACH

Tastes fresh. Ripe. Juicy. #reachforpeach

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Nothing finer nothing smoother - XO
Family XO

Nothing finer nothing smoother

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