of Soul

In honor of our heritage, E&J Brandy presents ‘Generations of Soul’, a story of three incredible soul artists bound by their love of music and a deep respoect for their roots.#EJSoul

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Our Brandy

Brandy is a time-honored spirit that's been around for generations – and it doesn't get any more authentic than E&J.

Our tradition in brandy dates back to 1938, when we introduced our first distilled spirit from wine grapes under the "Cream of California" label. In 1975, a modern legend was born when we created E&J. It has been America's most preferred brandy ever since, favored for its smooth taste and authentic style.

When is the best time for E&J Brandy? For us, it's that time of day when all that matters is kicking back and catching up with friends. With a smooth taste for sipping or mixing, E&J is the perfect complement to any occasion.

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