We make three tiers of brandy - VS, VSOP and XO - each made from the same great wine grapes. Our brandies differ in how long they are aged in new French oak barrels. The longer a brandy spends time aging, the smoother it becomes.

Our E&J VS is aged at least two years in oak. It has flavors of sweet dried fruit balanced by subtle notes of toasted brown spice and vanilla. This one is soft and light-bodied, with a crisp, clean finish.

Our E&J VSOP is aged at least two years, taking smooth to another level. It's blended for richness and full flavor, opening with a bouquet of sweet and brown spice and culminating in a distinctively smooth finish.

Our E&J XO Brandy is blended from our finest brandy lots and aged at least two years. Our smoothest brandy is handcrafted to highlight the sweet vanilla, creamy toffee, brown sugar and soft maple characteristics of toasted oak.